sabato 23 marzo 2013

Why I'll marry a rich, worthless man

it s like finally i get how it was going. i was blind. i had no idea about how much i was waiting for you when we met the first time. then i felt you and the only thing i had in my mind till now was loving you and get you sadisfacted. i was so blind then i haven t seen that i was walking alone. from the new year till now was only a turning on ourself looking for each other. and i ve seen no one close to me. i had so many illusions, i thought really that we were totaly stupid being afraid the one by the other. then i stopped. it was in that moment that i close the eyes leaving my body falling in your arms. but there was no one there. and every pieces it s a lie that you told me. i didn t read you last emails cause i have no energies left to stand whatever you re going to say me. i wanted to save you, but i ve overstimated myself. or maybe you.. but you re going to far away and if i can no more follow you, but i ll find a way to make someone else do it. you'll see it as revenge, indeed it's only cause i ve seen how fucking a great person you re. and they're the moments when you think to be boring. like sleeping together the last time. it was the perfect one. every time it's god it's the fucking perfect one. and then........ you re like frank gallagher..remember when he stops to drink, he s the best person ever. then he drinks back and he was taking care only of himself. break all the mirrors around you and avoid to resolve problems. it s only a matter of time till your good side will founder, pressed by your wrong thoughts. you ve wrong to think that i was stupid, i was only in love.

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