martedì 4 giugno 2013

Denn die Zeiten ändern sich jetzt

"We always forget to put a price under ourself, man" This city is a bullshit and the reason is fairly easy. It gives you so many opportunities then you never lose the hope. Therefore you wait, you get wrong and you try again. Falling I've met much more interesting people than the bosses on the top. They are the ones who will tell you "I help you, you deserve it!" and after they had sucked all my soul, started to tell me that I'm crazy and I cannot manage to handle any responsability. Everyone knows that I'm not that normal, I've never tryed to hide it and that's what most of them are missing. Creative talent and no fears. I gave everything to this fucking city, I've helped every person I could, forgetting about myself. And all I've now is a huge hole. And I swear on my holy God that I would love to pretend that nothing happened, to just don't care of understand which has been the mistake. And everytime I sit on the carpet in my room, I can find explanations that're exactly the things you were complaining about me. But still in my mind you were the one who arrives and everything got fucked up. That's what obsess where the cancer or the cure? Really after 5 years living in Berlin I needed you to get it? Just a pity that if you really are the cure, now I've to wake up - stop thinking and tell everyone that "Yes, I've a boyfriend and I love him". I should only be patient and maybe give up, keeping just the light you gave me. Indeed in my deep all I want now is a plan to conquer our lives and let us shine. You know, like "Ocean's eleven" (the 60's one). Depth apart, I can easly think that was not me, was not you. It was only the city - this merry-go-round with too many people on to stand all of us. Whatever it was, I'll know it after have left it.