mercoledì 20 maggio 2015

From Shaula to Mimosa

In four years. There will be stars in the sky fell apart and others just started to shine, and still the number hasn t changed. 
The meat and the blood and the water and the colors re going to make it touching. 
The circle orbiting around a belly button, the arms elongated in the clouds. As the fire touch the skin, moving before it hurts. Respectiong the moments of pleasure of being together, coming back before it would be too late.
The rhytm of a breath dropping and the look follows it till to the floor ah there s no floor but water under your feet fire juggler keep flying! keep flying! dance till to the sky and your hallux would stay dry dance dance lift the sky up the fire in moviments don't ask for a why don't stop! don't stop!  don't stop!  don't don't

my hands ve lost fingers for counting, through each sparkle in a story, in his story. The story of the the colors, of the room with no cealing and the walls are made of words